Splix.io is a easy-to-use and straightforward game. In the whole process, you only need to control the direction of the ball or snake and let it swim to make the swimming area become its area, commonly known as expansion territory. In Splix.io , only by expanding your area can you get higher scores.

Splix.io ‘s Game Features

In Splix.io , you need to control your little snake through the arrow keys so that it can expand its area under your operation. In this game, if you bump into your own body, you will commit suicide. But when you pass through your opponent’s body, you will kill him and make him your defeated opponent. Of course, you also need to guard against the enemy attacking you, so in the course of the game, you must maintain absolute concentration to play.

Other content of Splix.io

The bigger the area, the little snake you control passes through, the more points you will get. The scores of the players in the same period will display in the upper right corner of the game interface, and you can see your results in the ranking. Therefore, you need to continually expand your field in the game to get yourself on the ranking list.

In Splixio, you will climb all over the world in a multi-person battle to make the whole screen your territory, but once other snakes hit you, you will fall short.  Therefore, be careful.  If you are used to playing snakes, you can come io(paper io and try this line-based game. Similarly, you need to occupy the territory and strive to become the overlord of the game. Likewise, you should avoid others.  Of course, you can also take the initiative to attack and increase the space for your expansion.

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